Burn more calories. Use it on any treadmill.

PILATRE® is the first 3C (core, cardio & control) workout video series created for treadmill. It strengthens your muscles, increases calorie burn and improves flexibility & stamina.

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"Pilatre is totally your “me”time. Those 30 or 60 minutes of your day you will spend time only with yourself and your body and that is precious."

Sandra Ashilievi
Singer/ Actress


"My mission is to make the lives of the young people more interesting, better and emotional and that is what PILATRE stands for."

Are Altraja
Co-Founder Sportland, MyFitness


"PILATRE is a good choice because it allows you to change routine walking or running on the treadmill into a versatile full body workout."

Monica Pärno
Technogym Country Sales Manager


"Awesome way to have fun on the treadmill, if the regular way is boring or not challenging enough."

Robert Rool
TV host


Our amazing partners, who have contributed to the development of PILATRE® training method.